Glossary of Terms

Find definitions to the key cannabis terms and language you’ll find on our site.

Flowers: The part of the cannabis plant that is dried, smoked, vaped or used to make lotions, tinctures, etc. Only female plants flower.

Edibles: Commonly, cookies, brownies or candies that have been infused with cannabis extracts. These can have similar effects to smoking or vaping cannabis. Currently, the sale of edibles is not legal in Ontario.

  • Cannabis indica

    A species of cannabis that originates from the Hindu Kush mountain range within Afghanistan and Pakistan. The plants are normally bushier than Cannabis sativa.

    • Hybrid

      A cannabis plant that is a genetic cross between two or more strains. A lot of cannabis consumed today is hybrid.

      • Cannabis

        A term for many different kinds of plants, including Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica, which are used recreationally to alter mood.


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